Freedom United – Infection Gamemode incoming

Hello minecrafters!

Today, freedom united is proud to announce our next big feature in Minecraft. Its called ”Infection”.

Infection is a gamemode where you and your friends battle it out against enemies in a specfiic location of the world. You simply type /Infected-join (mapname) and your in! You can try this all alone, or with your friends!

Infection Features:

  • 3 Maps available at the launch.
  • Battle it out all alone, or with 7 other friends in one map
  • Infinite amount of waves! How far can you come?
  • Gain points by killing enemies. Then upgrade your fortress to hold your ground!
  • Buy new weapons, healing potions, or even baricades to strengthen your defenses.
  • Unlock doors with points to reveal new areas of the map.
  • Revive fallen teammates
  • Unlock abilities like FirePunch, Lightning strike, and Iron Fist
  • Gain Freedom Coins by getting into higher waves
  • Encounter random events like Wolf Invasions, and boss fights
  • And much more!

The feature is not live yet. Starting early next week, Premium Members get to Beta Test it before it goes live for all players!

Stay tuned for more information!

Freedom United Infection2


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